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What is UFIFCO?

What is


It is a platform where you can find a series of information and resources for personal and work development. In this site you will be able to obtain information about available virtual courses focused on different areas, as well as programs, tools and opportunities that are available for your integral growth.

What can

you find?

Virtual training:
You can find content in e-learning modalities, readings and videos.

  • Online courses: These are courses developed by the company or by external suppliers with their own contents. You can find topics of interest such as new entry induction, FIFCO leadership practices, beer courses, Occupational Health and Safety, Intelligent Consumption, Management Systems, Environmental, Driving, Technological Skills, Change Management, among others.
  • Courses with licenses from recognized external providers

Other development alternatives:

  • Leadership courses
  • Internships and internal collaboration projects
  • FIFCO Leadership Programs
  • Coaching and Mentoring Options

Who can be part


FIFCO personnel with a desire of improving their knowledge and skills.  If you are on the process of creating a better version of yourself, UFIFCO is a good place to start.

As stated by our purpose, “We bring a better way of living to the world” , we have set a plan to open our UFIFCO platform to your family, key customer and franchisees, so we can foster their learning and growth

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